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Imagine our life without printing... Yes, today there are many other possibilities to quickly get access to the necessary information within a single click of the mouse. But in the world of technology, despite the speed, something very important is missing – emotions. After all, a printed product is a bright leaflet that a smiling girl gives you near a shop, and it brings you positive emotions and a real desire to find out what is written there. A printed product is a stylish business magazine about the activities of your company, which is carefully read by a potential customer and provokes thoughts about what should be done to make his company equally successful.

A printed product is a bright stylish notebook in your clients' and colleagues' hands, who received it as a gift and can use it to write down their ideas!

Just imagine that we exchange information not through printing, but only via the internet. We read not books, but e-books. We listen to Gilda's aria not in the opera, but just a recording on iPad ... In today's world everything happens very quickly, but technologies are not able to give us something very important - the feeling of real emotions, living a moment.

The printing house "Ukraine" offers you not only printing products, but we also bring real emotions – joy, surprise, admiration. We create an advertisement, that will be remembered by your audience.


  • POS materials

    A non-standard solution,
    that promotes sales by distributing bright printed information to potential customers

  • Memo blocks

    Not a single work place in any office can do without them. These "small helpers" can become a powerful advertising tool 

  • Notebook

    A useful and convenient thing. 
    It can be a pleasant gift, that will always be useful and will remind of you

  • Booklet

    Budget-friendly and convenient way to promote products and services, especially with an original and catchy design

  • Magazine

    Stylish and elegant. Articles, photos, advertising materials, reviews – it all relates to this type of product. Promotes increased interest and adds to your company image

  • Calendar grid

    It is a basis of any 
    calendar. It can be 
    standard or custom-made, 
    which allows to create 
    a unique printed product

  • Calendar

    Useful and handy. You will find it in any office, therefore it is a smart investment in advertising, that will work throughout a year

  • Catalog

    Informative illustrated products. It will describe the company’s activities, its services or products and will help to attract potential customers

  • Book

    "A fountain of knowledge", "the best present" – we have lots of names for a book. Undoubtedly, this type of printing product is really considered to be an interesting and informative present

  • Envelope

    An important element of corporate correspondence and mailing. It is a "cover", that helps to shape a positive opinion about a company

  • Leaflet

    Efficient and effective. Leaflets inform potential customers about interesting offers, promotions, discounts

  • Card

    Beautiful and pleasant. This type of product is not just a way to congratulate a person, but also an opportunity to keep in touch

  • Paper bag

    Convenient and useful printed accessory. A "hidden" advertising for potential customers and partners

  • Folder

    It is a part of your brand. Moreover, it has an important presentational role. It can be a handy present for employees and partners

  • Packaging

    A traditional, but at the same time modern product. Packaging is a "cover" for any product and also an effective advertisement

  • Label

    An important element of the majority of products. Briefly informs the buyer about the product and significantly affects its success on the market


It's quite difficult to make a full overview of printing materials, produced by the printing house "Ukraine", as it includes a huge number of types of products and their variants. Printed products from our printing house are very diverse, as well as the possible finishings.


Products, that we offer in our printing house


Books can be different: hardcover or paperback, various formats, types and density of paper. Printing books is a special responsibility for our printing house.


Magazines are periodical printing products, made of high-quality paper. The design of the magazine must be done in the corporate style, bright and elegant.


Catalogs provide detailed information about the products along with visual images – illustrations and photographs.


Calendars can be different: wall and desktop, quarterly and pocket. The production of such products is quite simple, but at the same time, high-quality finishing is very important.


Notebooks  can be of many formats. They can have many types of page bindings and cover options.


Booklets are easy to distribute. They are bright and inexpensive, but at the same time, they can look professional and stylish.


POS-materials belong to a large group of printed products, that promote goods at the points of sale. The demand for this type of product is very high.


Envelopes are used in business correspondence and advertising. They are also used for sending greetings and invitations.


Leaflets are compact and economical. Their main task is to make the customers pay attention to advertising.


Postcards are festive printed products, that are in demand for greeting colleagues, partners and loved ones.


This is not a full list of what we can produce in the printing house "Ukraine". No matter what product we make, we can always guarantee stylish design, excellent quality and competitive market price. We have worked for a long time to become real professionals, and this is what makes us the leaders in the industry.


Finishings, that we apply to the products we make


Our work is closely connected with the decorative finishing of products. In our printing house we can offer a lot of finishings for your products:


  1. Lamination.
  2. Foil or hot stamping.
  3. UV varnishing.
  4. Cutting.
  5. Creasing or folding.


These effects allow you to distinguish your printed products from competitors and give them their own style and character.


What can we do in the printing house "Ukraine"?


Within the field of printing, we can do almost anything. Our printing house produces printed products quickly and efficiently. We understand that in any business it is necessary to attract the attention of potential customers with the help of original creative solutions. So all the advertising products in our printing house are produced by experienced marketing specialists and professional designers.


Ordering printed products from us, you can be sure that they will work effectively in modern market conditions and the result will meet your best expectations.

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